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Partnership to Focus on Veterinary Point-of-Care Diagnostics

About Us

A Crisis in Healthcare

Healthcare faces a daunting global crisis resulting from the convergence of accelerating antimicrobial resistance and novel pandemic viruses. Acting swiftly to treat potentially life threatening infections with broad-based antimicrobial therapy appears prudent if the alternative is to delay several days for laboratory-based verification. While superficially comforting, this “shotgun” approach essentially guarantees that the antimicrobial resistance crisis will continue to escalate.

Similarly, cost-effective and economically sustainable containment strategies for pandemic viruses are virtually impossible to implement effectively in our globally integrated society. An effective solution to these crises awaits the widespread availability of a portable, point-of-care technology capable of real-time diagnosis  and global surveillance.

Real-Time Pathogen Detection at the Point of Care

Our Technology

Portable Point-of-Care Solution

By leveraging the principles of Raman Spectroscopy, Seraspec® represents a paradigm shift away from current methods for screening and identification of dangerous bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. Our patent pending technology and method of detection* effectively eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly laboratory-based methods of specimen collection, processing and pathogen identification. Safety, efficiency, accuracy and profitability are simultaneously enhanced through a portable, point-of-care technology for real-time pathogen detection and identification. A higher power just got involved in the fight against infection.

*International application No. PCT/US2014/050182; International Filing Date 07 Aug 2014; Priority Filing Date 07 Aug 2013

A Molecular Fingerprint

Real-time Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance

The Seraspec® utilizes proprietary micro sensors to enable the power of Raman Spectroscopy molecular analysis in a portable device for pathogen detection at the point of care.

The Seraspec® interrogates pathogens directly to generate a spectroscopic molecular fingerprint that allows for real-time identification and subtle differentiation between antibiotic resistant and non-antibiotic resistant strains.

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